Shiv Charan Singh

Shiv Charan Singh is the founding director of the Karam Kriya School and Kriya centre for Kundalini yoga in North London. Scottish by birth, he is an outstanding and authentic spiritual teacher. Karam Kriya means 'action in spiritual awareness'. Shiv Charan is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings. He is a skilled counsellor, author of several books on human communication, the mystery of numbers and poetry. He runs training programmes throughout Europe, Russia and further afield.

As a young person, Shiv Charan had a number of nearly fatal incidents and these near death experiences gave him an intimate knowledge of the process of living and dying that we all seek to understand. As an adolescent he experienced full Kundalini rising, a term used to describe profound spiritual awakening. In his early twenties he studied Sikh Dharma with Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, the religious leader and founder of Sikh Dharma in the West.

Over the last ten years he has run the vibrant and cosmopolitan Karam Kriya School in London which offers a number of courses including an accredited teacher training in Kundalini Yoga, a form of yoga specifically practised to develop spiritual awareness. The science of Applied Numerology can be studied which provides a tool for understanding the harmony and inter-relatedness of all things. Karam Kriya Consultancy is a three-year course that focuses on communication and relationships.
Through the living word of the teachings he invites us to fully realise our spiritual potential as human beings without the renouncement of worldly things. God is within and without; we are both part of the universe and the universe itself. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation and using the tools of Karam Kriya and Applied Numerology, we can move beyond our fears and suffering and live in the light of our highest consciousness.

Shiv Charan Singh is neither self seeking nor political in his teachings. He is entertaining and both charismatic and humble in the way he speaks. Following a degree in humanities, he has undertaken extensive training in counselling and therapeutic skills. He has worked intensively and successfully with people who have drug habits and severe emotional problems, and he offers profoundly transformative individual counselling. Above all, his warmth and compassion have generated a community spirit at the school which reaches out to the all regardless of age and background, and attracts people from all over the world.

"I Draw on a rich a varied life and a diverse career ranging from technician to tramp, through vegetarian chef to community work and a humanities degree, as well as many experiences that could easily be forgotten since our language does not easily acknowledge the mystical. I call on this wealth of experience and research to introduce a new language to the healing conversation as it takes place in the fields of counselling and teaching. Inspired by Sri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogi Ji I began learning and teaching Kundalini Yoga in 1982 supplementing this with a life long study of Numerology. The combination of these different influences have led to the development of a new approach to the art and skill of holistic living and dying, and all the communications that take place on the journey, I have been sharing this with others since 1986.

My work is with individuals and groups and has resulted in teaching the application of the Spiritual Science of Number Awareness through the context of a wide range of relevant life themes. Using a down to earth approach to physical, emotional and mental health, Applied Numerology has been found useful in the fields of personal, professional and spiritual life management.

Over the years I have worked with a diverse range of people and problems, especially in the fields of crisis management, addiction, or dependence, human relationships and spiritual awareness. I have learnt from everyone and continue to appreciate the diversity of the human spirit at the same time as I find myself deepening the sense of the unity of our spirit.

My main interest is not just to teach techniques - these can be learnt from books, but to enter into the shared space of a negotiated relationship to the unknown, which is the frontier of our consciousness. I am interested to call souls to gather, in the name of the One God, but in the practical reality of our differentiation, and to discover again and again the immeasurable threshold where our differences and common ground meet; where we each find the space which is ours and the presence to be."

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