Shiv Charan Singh (Level I & Level II), is a reknowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga (since 1980) and founder of the Karam Kriya School (1996) and Quinta do Rajo. He currently travels around the world teaching Karam Kriya - Consultancy Training based on a study of numbers through life and life through numbers. He has written five books on this topic, including a poetry book and sees people daily in his practice as a counsellor. Shiv Charan Singh is on the advisory board for KYTA UK.



Satya Kaur (Level I & II), is co-founder and director of the International Karam Kriya School, Yoga Productions and Quinta do Rajo (Portugal). She is a qualified midwife and currently shares her knowledge and experience through The Mother´s Journey. She has taught KY for 30 years and is the author of “Yoga, Kundalini & Eu”, a Kundalini Yoga manual published March 2011. She is also a Myth-A-Drama practitioner.

Amrit Singh (Level I) BA (Hons) Dip TCM RCHM Dip BSS. Has been a teacher of Kundalini Yoga since 1995. He has long standing experience and understanding of other forms of Yoga, Oriental energetics and the mind-body dynamic. He is a practitioner of Shiatsu (since 1989), Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine (1995).


Additional tutors may include Sarabjit Kaur - Madrid, Bibi Nanaki - Germany, Sohan Kaur- Germany, Raghu Rai Singh - London.

The following tutors from SKY are working together with Shiv Charan Singh to deliver Level II Training in the UK.

Darryl O Keefe (UK) established SKY, the School of Kundalini Yoga in 1996 with Guru Dharam. He is a much travelled and practically minded spiritual teacher and healer. He has recorded several audiotapes of an instructional and meditative nature.

Guru Dharam Singh (UK) is the co-founder of SKY, the School of Kundalini Yoga with Darryl O’Keefe. Guru Dharam also facilitates contemporary applications of ancient healing techniques and teaches Kundalini Yoga around the world. He lives in London, where he has an established medical practice.